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Based in the Sonoran Desert of Scottsdale, Arizona, TruTravel Club is a unique lifestyle answer to connecting online with people who share your interests and idea of fun… actually, more than anything TruTravel is about enjoying the incredible technology of the Internet in the ways you enjoy it most. Chat, listen to music, dance, watch videos, make friends and share FUN with old friends!

TruTravel Club is an online place to chat with your friends, meet new people and discover great conversations. Unlike other services, we don’t limit your posts to 140 characters; we do not censor your posts or chats; and we respect your right to privacy.

At TruTravel, we are quickly realizing there is an impressive demand for the service we provide: a partially anonymous chat network where you can share as much or as little about yourself as you feel comfortable with… while listening to cool, professional, club music and watching stylish, exciting videos.

So far, at this very early stage of our webste’s deveopment, engaged, free members average spend an average of 20.2 minutes with us on each visit.

TruTravel.Club is social chat and services built upon a foundation of respect for free speech, free markets, fair and ethical social media, personal privacy and the individuals rights of self-determination. TruTravel strives to make its social network as useful and entertaining as possible by presenting free music videos to enhance the chat experience.

TruTravel features a simple, fast and easy solution to rewarding social networking for conscientious earthlings. While it may not flaunt some of the non-essential “bells and whistles” of the arrogant and elite social media, it does offer a serious, no-nonsense approach to personal expression and communication for everyday sincere people.

TruTravel believes that all people are entitled to security, privacy, and freedom of expression. We keep all personal information confidential, and it is never sold to third parties.

We also ask you to share any concerns or feedback that you may have to help make TruTravel.Club better. As a robust online community, our shared concerns and lifestyle-inspired missions may change the world for the better of this and future generations.